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Lineup Matt Gossett . Bass, Vocals
Andy Hagood . Drums
Tim Heyl . Guitar, Vocals
Andy Kroner . Lead Guitar
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Cincinnati, OH

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Swissfarlo Born from the bedroom recordings of guitarists Tim Heyl and Andy Kroner, Swissfarlo blossomed into its full band lineup with the addition of bassist Matt Gossett and drummer Mike Winters in early 2001. Their debut LP, 'Boxed' was released in November of 2002 to critical acclaim, being described as both "a magnificent testament to lo-fi indiepop" and "the best album of its kind in 5 years". Winters left the band (and city) shortly after recording, but his replacement Andrew Hagood has led the group to further success, with an appearance at the Midpoint Music Festival, Top 20 honors in WOXY's 97Xposure competition, and a stand-out contribution to the Datawaslost: One.Two.Three compilation. They broke up in 2005, but all continue to play and record music with other projects. Discography

{ DWL036 . LP . 2002 }
'A magnificent testament to lo-fi indiepop..'

MP3s  [ Oh No ]  [ 2nd or 3rd ]
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{ DWL005 . EP (CDR) . 2000 }
The EP that started it all

MP3  [ LP ]
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Datawaslost : Beep Click Strum Sing
More Info . Add to Cart : $5

Datawaslost : One.Two.Three
MP3  [ Lancome Drought ] . More Info . Add To Cart : $5

The Unlike Label 2002
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Datawaslost : Building
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Datawaslost : The Four-track Graduates
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