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New York / Cincinnati / Marietta
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The M.P.T.I.T.U. Once a year, we turn a woodland cabin into a makeshift recording studio, fill it with instruments, and spend the weekend writing and recording an EP from scratch. Then we all go back to our other projects, and release the results online for free.

The first self-titled EP was released on Christmas Day 2007 and garnered comparisons to Slint, Shellac, and Ride for its stuttering, angular post-rock. Our full-length LP, 'The Moonlight's Fair Tonight' was recorded over two weekends in November 2007 & 2008, and takes this mix of post-punk and spaced-out indie rock to the next level with its rough-edged psych-pop and rumbling drone. With help from our friends at Ionik Records, it found release as a gorgeous screen-printed 12" vinyl, and 2012 saw the release of our first single, 'Lectures on Quanta'.

Lectures on Quanta
{ DWL054 / IONIK49-3 . Digital Single . 2012 }
New two-track digital single from our most recent sessions, available as a free MP3 download
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The Moonlight's Fair Tonight
{ DWL049 / IONIK38-2 . 12" LP. 2009 }
Debut 12" LP, to released on vinyl and as a free digital download
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The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe
{ DWL046 / IONIK33-1 . Digital EP . 2007 }
First EP from the least-hardest-working band
in show business

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